Project Management, Transformation & Strategy

Turn strategies into solutions. At PGIM, you can.

Project Management, Transformation & Strategy

Leading the industry – by transforming ourselves.

Our dynamic team thrives on challenges, consistently surpassing expectations and ensuring Prudential remains a top provider of financial wellness. We're not afraid to push boundaries and ignite change, staying one step ahead to meet the ever-growing needs of our stakeholders in a fiercely competitive landscape.

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Seeing the bigger picture.

Transformation is all about talent. We solve the financial challenges of our changing world by transforming the way we do business. From streamlining operations to strategic investing in technology, we find opportunities to drive four main outcomes:

  1. Serving our customers better.
  2. Ensuring our employees are future-ready by providing them with new tools, investing in their development, and creating new opportunities.
  3. Remaining competitive in cost and speed by increasing efficiency and productivity.
  4. Building the capabilities of continuous improvement and execution across the organization.

"Being adaptable to change means that I continue to learn new skills, be flexible and work within different team dynamics."

Winning with flexibility 

We're transforming our practice to empower every employee to support one another. From hiring to promotion, performance management to development and compensation, we're creating an equal opportunity environment to learn and grow that fuels your success. 

An Equitable Workplace

At PGIM, diversity of perspectives is at the core of who we are and how, and we're always looking out for talented professionals to move us forward. We believe that harnessing our differences and creating an inclusive workplace where talent will have the opportunity to grow is what allows us to work better together and deliver the exceptional outcomes our clients have come to expect. At PGIM, you can thrive.