Project Management, Transformation and Strategy

Turning strategy to solution.

Leading the industry—by transforming ourselves.

As customers expect more, competitors move faster, and employees focus on developing new skills, our pioneering team accepts every challenge and exceeds expectations.

We identify new strategies and opportunities to ensure Prudential remains a leading provider of financial wellness. Not hesitant to drive Prudential forward, we’re constantly evolving to increase our competitive advantage and meet the growing needs of stakeholders.

Project Management, Transformation and Strategy

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Project Management

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Transformation and Strategy. Seeing the big picture.

Transformation is all about talent. We solve the financial challenges of our changing world by transforming the way we do business. From streamlining operations to strategic investing in technology, we find opportunities to drive four main outcomes:

  1. Serving our customers better.
  2. Ensuring our employees are future-ready by providing them with new tools, investing in their development, and creating new opportunities.
  3. Remaining competitive in cost and speed by increasing efficiency and productivity.
  4. Building the capabilities of continuous improvement and execution across the organization.

Strategy is responsible for advancing Prudential’s annual and long-term goals throughout the company’s various businesses. We identify business opportunities, evaluate markets, and understand customer needs to create commercial value for all parties involved.

Our senior strategy leaders focus on Prudential’s future. Through cross-company collaboration and insight, they identify which business opportunities are in the best interest of Prudential—and its shareholders.

Diverse talent. United.

Prudential welcomes people of different backgrounds and identities. We truly believe diverse perspectives are key to our success: if our employees stand out, we – as a company- can stand out. If you’re at your best, we’re at ours.

We’re always looking for talented professionals with the skills, insight and an eye for innovation to help move us forward. Discover a challenging corporate career at one of the world’s leading financial services institutions.